Gift Card Advice

When you think about Christmas, one of the main things you think about is presents. Even though we may not want to admit it, Christmas presents from packs of socks to PlayStations really do drive the season. Although the holidays are supposed to celebrate such things as the Jewish New Year, honoring African-American heritage or the birth of Christ, gift giving has become an integral part of Christmas that’s traditionally honored by almost everyone.

To express appreciation for all those gifts it’s a good idea to send Christmas thank you cards so the giver knows you received the present and that you’re acknowledging their gift. Make sure you send the thank you cards promptly so the person won’t feel like you’re trying to insult them by delaying the notes.

Here are some great tips to help ensure you get your thank you cards sent out without wasting any time:

– To start, as you receive gifts, keep the gift tag and write on it what the gift was. This gives you the ability to know who gave you what so you can express personal appreciation for each gift.

– After Christmas, the USPS mail traffic drops dramatically which means when you send out Christmas thank you cards, there won’t be any delays by the post office. Having the cards on hand before Christmas means you can complete them and mail them ASAP.

– With great looking thank you card blanks you can print yourself, being able to customize the thank you to express appreciation for specific gifts and to make the expression personal is a snap. You can download templates for the blanks for your favorite word processor and using the mail merge function, you can print the thank you cards and envelopes in a matter of minutes.

– Another way to minimize thank you card costs is to use post cards. They generally cost less than regular thank you cards but the post office charges less for postage.

– Sit down and make a list of the received gifts and who sent them. This will simplify the thank you card process immensely since you’ll have everything you need to fill out the thank you cards in one place.

– Send all your thank you cards out at the same time. This ensures you’re not forgetting to send ones out for gifts that may’ve come to you late.

Thank you cards for Christmas gifts are as appreciated as the gifts themselves and sending them out in a timely manner is important. Even though it may take a little time to send Christmas thank you cards, it will encourage gift givers to give gifts next year as well. It’s a small token of your appreciation but when the person receives the thank you card, they know you really do appreciate their efforts.

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