Choosing Gift Cards

Gift cards are a fantastic invention produced by man-you want to have all kinds of stuff, for free! Gift cards can be utilized for yourself, or as gifts, or as prizes in a contest ( Here are a few ideas to get gift cards for free:

1. Fill out internet surveys if you get the time and the patience. Word of caution, these surveys are quite long with plenty of pop-up ads in between.

2. Join a prescription like Target, CVS, Walmart, Kroger and other major stores that offer free gift cards and promotions when you join a prescription. You can even shift prescriptions every once in a while to collect more than a few gift cards a year.

3. Donate blood. Red Cross runs promotions every once in a while, providing free gift cards every time you submit a bottle of blood. Not merely are you helping a fellow brother and sister in need, but you are also awarded with a free bonus in return. You can get free food gift cards, free movies, and more.

4. Enter website contests on blogs like Sisterly Savings, Money Saving Moms, etc. If you win, these sites give away numerous kinds of gift cards for free-and there are absolutely no registration costs to enter these contests.

5. Join fairs and trade shows in the neighboring area. Hunt for opportunities to get gift cards for free. You may get so by answering questionnaires, signing up for free trials, and filling up a survey.

6. Redeem your credit card points. These points can be redeemed for free items and gift cards by the ending of the year. Verify your credit card policies to spot the perks and free items they offer.

7. Check your local banks offers. Most banking institutions offer free gift cards for new accounts.

8. Join online groups like Grocery Game and Slick Deals. These web sites post regular free gift offers in their forums or message boards.

9. Watch out for world wide web ads. You can acquire gift cards for free from sites like MySpace, Facebook and Craigslist. Be on the frequent lookout.

10. Ask for them from family and friends! Every time its birthday or Christmas, you can tell them you would choose to get gift cards as presents.

11. Test drive a car-car dealerships every now and then give away free stuffs every time you test run a vehicle.

Free gift offers and promos are all around us-just open your eyes and be wary of them ( Know where to look and how to find them. Of course, the simplest way is by signing up on gift card web sites to get a variety of freebies and offers. You can visit several coupon and gift card web sites and check the resource section for free samples and more.

If you think a gift card itself might not even make any difference in your shopping bill, you can add up the numbers of few free cards combined to see how much that adds up to. Since you can get those freebies all the time from various different sources and programs, there is no limit to how much you can save. Why not just start taking advantage of them and start saving today. After all, few dollars here and there can really make a big difference at the end of the month.

Choosing Gift Cards